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About Us


CSSF is a soft skills improvement consultancy company for individuals, businesses, and organizations to better deal with their surroundings in all aspects of life along with there technical (hard) skills.

Our mission is maximizing the success of every individual and better their engagement in their communities. 

Some examples of soft skills that CSSF is serving are

  • Negotiating
  • Networking
  • Presentation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication effectiveness
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • Working under pressure
  • Creativity
  • Adaptability
  • Positivity
  • Learning fromcriticism



Our Team


Snur Hamid

Founder and Consultant, Japan

Snur is currently a student studying Japanese Language at Kyoto University, along with that she is a founder of a consulting com... More


Mukri A.Mohammed Saeed

Senior Developer, Kurdistan/Iraq

Mukri is currently a senior web developer. Besides his bachelor’s degree in statistics and computer, he holds different Microso... More


Mustafa Kammoun

Consultant, Tunisia

Mustapha kammoun, 23 years old, software engineer. Aside to the academic background, Mustapha has been very involved in civil society... More


Mohammed Abbas

Project Manager

Mohammed Abbas is a 24 year old youth from Kurdistan.He is an activis working to serve children, youths, and women communities by his participation in local and international platforms.He is the first organizer of Global Peace Summit Kurdistan in 2019. He has been working with non-proft organizat... More


Our Services

Business Consulting

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Startup consultation and project management

i. Seeking for an idea ii. Plan for your business (project) iii. Implementing iv. Maintaining

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Conferences, events and seminars applications

i. Help in filling applications for universities and scholarships ii. Proof reading and editing writing part of applications iii. Giving feedback on filled application

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Studying abroad

i. Help in filling applications for universities and scholarships ii. Proof reading and editing applications iii. Giving feedback on filled applications

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Career Development

i. Looking for a job ii. Creating CV or Resume iii. Preparing for interview iv. After Interview v. Handling problems at workplace

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Necessary soft skills

i. Writing professional emails ii. Presentation iii. Giving a speech iv. Public speaking v. Expanding network vi. Active listening vii. Networking viii. Presentation ix. Conflict resolution x. Communication effectiveness xi. Teamwork xii. Problem-solving xiii. Working under pressure xiv. Creativity xv. Adaptability xvi. Positivity xvii. Learning from criticism

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We value our employees; so what do you get when you work for us?
• Competitive basic salary
• Continuous Learning
• Relaxed and fun working environment
• Flexible working
• Diverse community
• Support, guidance and training provided by a highly experienced team
• Run your desk as you run your own business


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